Recording Driver`s License Info on Form I-9

With a goal to reduce document and identity fraud, the E-Verify system checks info entered on Form I-9 with state Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) records (when a driver’s license or non-driver ID card is presented as a List B document).


You are not required to send us List B and List C documents. In fact, if you have fully and correctly described the documents in Section 2, we don’t want them!

  • When describing the driver’s license in Section 2, always note whether it is a license or ID card. Describing it incorrectly can result in a TNC;
  • Document numbers can be letters and numbers, between eight and 14 characters, with no special characters. Always confirm that the document number recorded on the employee’s Form I-9 matches the number on the employee’s document;
  • If there is an expiration date, include it. If there is no expiration date (ex.  some AZ ID cards), write “No expiration” or “N/A”.