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NOTICE: The oldest records are periodically purged from the E-Verify system. E-Verify will soon purge information about resolved cases that are 10 years or older as of December 31, 2021, for those dated on or before December 31, 2011. Employers have until May 5, 2022 to download case information from the historical records report. If you have been a Verifyi9 client employer since before 12/31/2011 and verified new hires before that date, you should request a historical report here.

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New Hire Processing — Site features related to processing a new hire in E-Verify

  • Quick Start Guide — Step-by-step guide for new E-Verify participants to begin verifying new hires. A pretty good resource for experienced clients as well!
  • Submit New Hire — Upload a new hire’s I-9 for verification, quickly and securely
  • ‘No Form Upload’ New Hire Submission — Our most secure verification option!
  • TNC Checklist — An interactive form to help you process Tentative Non-Confirmations correctly
  • Close a Case — Respond to a Final Non-Confirmation notice or close an open case

Admin — Managing your Verifyi9 E-Verify account

Resources — Links to government resources, training and more

Ask a Question — Contact us for anything related to your participation in E-Verify; your Verifyi9 account; or when you can’t find the answer in the Help Desk. Contact us