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New Hire Processing — Site features related to processing a new hire in E-Verify

  • Quick Start Guide — Step-by-step guide for new E-Verify participants to begin verifying new hires. A pretty good resource for experienced clients as well!
  • Submit New Hire — Upload a new hire’s I-9 for verification, quickly and securely
  • ‘No Form Upload’ New Hire Submission — Our most secure verification option!
  • TNC Checklist — An interactive form to help you process Tentative Non-Confirmations correctly
  • Close a Case — Respond to a Final Non-Confirmation notice or close an open case

Admin — Managing your Verifyi9 E-Verify account

Resources — Links to government resources, training and more

Ask a Question — Contact us for anything related to your participation in E-Verify; your Verifyi9 account; or when you can’t find the answer in the Help Desk. Contact us