Verifyi9 Launches Free Form I-9 “Mini-Audit”

Verifyi9 has launched a service enhancement that will help reduce our clients’ financial liabilities in the event of an ICE Form I-9 inspection or desk review. We will now review your new I-9 submissions and tell you what errors we have discovered, even when those errors did not prevent us from completing the verification in E-Verify.

Form I-9 can be confusing and errors are easy to make. The consequence of retaining an incorrect form can be significant, with fines of up to $2,500 per form. The overwhelming majority of the forms submitted contain both “technical” (can be corrected easily) and “substantive” (cannot be corrected; will result in a fine) errors.

The “Employment Authorized” email for your new hire may now include a descriptive list of the errors and omissions that our I-9 experts found as they processed the verification. The errors listed will be different from any that you may have received previously in an “I-9 With Errors” email… those that kept us from processing the verification initially.

The email won’t contain instructions for correcting the errors but you will find an invite to schedule a phone call to discuss what we found. We will also tell you how Verifyi9’s team of I-9 experts can help you maintain correct and legal I-9s, and even correct the errors for you!

The service enhancement is rolling out now to all client employers.