How to Send a Card Image for Photo Matching

Whenever a new hire presents a US Passport, Permanent Resident Card or Employment Authorization Document, we are required to match the photo on the document to the photo on file in E-Verify. We must receive a clear copy of the document to complete the photo matching. A fax copy is often not clear enough for us to match photos. We therefore recommend the following for sending documents for photo matching:


Scan the document using a document scanner or card scanner attached to your computer. We use and recommend an HP flatbed scanner, although a document or card scanner, or multi-function printer from any reputable manufacturer should work. Scanners can be found at electronics and office supply stores for less than $100.


You can use a smartphone camera to create the image of the new hire’s identification document. Then, simply add our email address,, to your phone’s contact list. Photograph the I-551, I-766 card or Passport (clear and up close, front and back) and “share” the image to us via your email app. You can also text the images to 678-682-7602.


You can send us the I-9 and the identification document from your smartphone using an app and our new hire submission form. See how to set it all up here.

NOTE: If the photo on the document does not match the image on file or if there is no image on file, we must send the image of the document to the DHS for a final determination. The three options above are the only options that will allow us to complete this final step in the verification.